Thursday, May 1, 2008

USSST Snatch Ladder Training

I saw an article last night On Pavel's Monthly newsletter that caught my attention. It was how to get your Snatch numbers up on what the US Secret Service uses to weed out the week candidates from their Academy course. The Infamous USSST( US Secret Service Test ) It's pretty simple by nature, but tough on Mental and Intestinal Fortitude. This is pure ballistic endurance, strength and mental toughness.
As I was told by a SS Agent that if a candidate walks off the platform during this exercise he might as well pack his bags and head home.
If they quit here they will quit in the field with their team also.

I agree with them100%!!

As Pavel likes to say during this test " we like to keep the buckets close by at the end"

Basically it works like this, you've got 10 minutes to do as many good technique snatches with a 24kg KB as possible, you can change hands as many times as you would like and rest whenever you like but remember the clock is ticking. Unlike (GS) Girevoy Sport where you can only change hands one time during the 10 minutes and there is no resting and they use 24kg or 32kg

I personally have done this test only a few times just for fun and to see what kind of numbers I could put up. I believe that I have completed 136 my first time and 148 the second. I still have a long way to go, if you know me someone else has put up bigger numbers and I'm on the prowl to get there myself. I think the numbers are 250+.... Sick numbers.

Anyway what I did today for a workout was purely a training day.
The goal was to get 200 Snatches "Ladder Style" USSST Format.

This how to do it if you choose to try it out.

Start with ascending sets:
  • 1 rep snatch switch hands 1rep snatch switch hands
  • 2reps switch 2reps
  • 3reps switch 3 reps you get the idea!!
  • all the way to 10 reps
  • Then descending sets 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
  • Add the numbers up thats 200reps
Here's what I did for warmup preparation
  • 3 Minute jump rope barefoot moderate pace
  • Joint Mobilty
  • 26 lb/kb Circuit, 2H swing 10r, 1HS /10r, cleans 10r, cl&j 10r, snatches 10r
  • 35lb/kb Circuit same as above
  • 44lb/kb Circuit same as above but lowered reps to 5
  • 53lb/kb Circuit same as with 44lb
  • Few minute rest

USSST Ladder Style Snatch results:

My objective is to get to 200 reps in 20 minutes or less with 53lb KB. This is only a Training day to help improve my numbers. (Focus on Technique and pace)

Started up the ladder to rung 10 on each side and stopped at Time 7:54 for a 1 minute rest.

Started back Time 8:04 worked back down the ladder from 9 down until finished at 1 rep each side Time14:48

Mission Accomplished!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Graveyard Grind

I haven't made a few posts in a while. That doesn't mean I have been working out, just that I wasn't next to computer to make my posts after my workouts.
So if you're trying to match my workouts with yours just remember that I'm always lurking around doing something. When we get together we can have a challenge workout.
Any takers?(Manmaker, USSS Snatch test, AKC jerks...)

Here's a workout I threw together on Saturday after I woke up from graveyards.
Warmup with Joint mobility and 44lb Kb series(swing,good mornings, windmill, around the worlds,clean and jerks, snatches)
Circuit of 5 Rounds (1-2 minute rest between rounds)
1.Barbell Jerks 95lb Olympic bar 5-10reps
2. Reverse grip Bench press 148lb Bar I added a 26lb kb to each side of the bar 5reps
3.Reverse grip bent over rows 148 lb 5-8 reps
4.26lb kb flyes 10 reps
5.Reverse grip front squat 95lb 5-10 reps (palms face boby and you hold the bar like your doing curls at the top position without resting on body, tighten your core and squat)

EDT Arm Training (2 exercises back to back, 30sec rest max repeat 5 rounds)
1.Close grip press 95lb bar 5reps
2.stand up Barbell curls 95lb 5reps

Finished with a light 2 mile run. ( It was a gorgeous day outside I just couldn't resist)

A little cross fit fun!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Instinct Day!! We're going light today!!

I call this instinct day for a very good reason.
1. I've been working graveyards for the last 4 nights.
2. If anyone knows what that feels like and how it just tortures your body and circadian rhythm. (no REM's here!!)
3.I'm trying to wake up at noon when most of you have been up for at least 4 or 5 hours.
On days like this my body is feeling like it's been put through a meatgrinder and I don't want an injury so I'm moving slowly so that I can see how my body is reacting to various moves. This is why I call this Instinctive training. (INJURIES = No TRAINING ) That doesn't make me a happy camper!!
So here's how it went!! My wife Miriam joined me today (she works nights also)

Started with Joint Mobility
4 Minutes Jumping Rope / Miriam did 3 minutes of her HULA Hoop (she says this gets her going and she is better at it than I am!!)

Workout: We will call this the 300 series.
2 Rounds 50 Swings 53lb kb / Miriam used a 35lb kb

3rd Round 60 Reps
10 clean R / Miriam did Long cycle 35lb kb
20alt swing
10clean L
20alt. swing

4th Round 60 Reps
10 snatches R / Miriam continues with swings
20 Alt swings
10 Snatches L
20 Alt. swings

5th Round 50 Reps
Swing Series / Miriam Combines swings and cleans
10 one hand swings R,L
20 Two hand swings
20 Alt swings

Bench Press
2 Sets 90 Lb Reverse grip 6/4 count 15 reps ( Doesn't sound hard try it after swings)

One arm bent rows w/kb 53lb kb
25 reps each side switching every 5 reps with no rest

Bench Press
2 sets 90 lb (same as previous sets)

Pullovers on Bench w/ 35 lb kb
3 rounds of 10 reps using crush grip

5 Rounds of Janda Situps 5 Reps each set 30 second Rest between

At the end of the workout I felt alot better energy wise and no tweaks or strains. YEAH!!
Sometimes just easing off a little will still help you move forward in your training. The body is great at giving you signals to know when you are about to injure yourself or your head just isn't in to it when your fatiqued.
But!! there is a major difference between laziness and fatique. Know the differences. Or i'll have to punish you the next time we work out!!
Have a nice day!!

"Train on mortals!!"

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Outdoor Fun!!

I got this brainstorm of an idea that I would take the KB's for a ride over to the local High School (Clear Lake High) and do a workout today. Who knows it might attract some attention to get others interested in the KB Revolution. So here's how it went!!

My warmup was a light jog aroung the Soccer field 1/4 mile

50 One arm and alt. swings
5 Rounds of Walking swings 20yds w/53lb Kb up and back (40yds total)1min rest between
Active Rest 1/4 mile jog.

5 Rounds One arm long cycle 3 reps each side 53lb kb (NO REST)
Active Rest 1/4 mile jog.

3 Rounds of Snatches 10 each side 53lb kb (1 min rest between rds)
Active Rest 1/4 mile jog.

2 Rounds 20 Walking lunges w/44lb kb (1 min rest) Switch arms every 10 steps
Active Rest 1/4 mile jog.

2/ 50 yd Side Straddle Hops
2/ 50 yd Kareoke (Think NFL Combine here)
2/ 50 yd Backward Sprint 70-80% effort
10 50yd Sprints 70% effort
Last 2 sprints 90%

The idea here was to change the scenery and run on soft ground vs. pavement or cement. This does a few of things.
1. It will help with stability and tendon strengthening
2. Helps improve balance and coordination
3. Inprove lateral movements
4. Much nicer on the knees and back.

Positive note: I met a Football Coach named Ben Kaufman who would like to incorporate KB's to his Offensive Lineman's Program.
I'm optimistic about this!!

"Sometimes you just have to get your feet back to their roots" Grass that is!!
Stay tough!!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Morning Wake up!!

I'm teaching class this morning and decided to join in the fun.
The infamous 10/20 Drill which was designed originally from Brett Jones when he was teaching at Iron Core in San Diego. This will get your heart rate up quick.

Joint Mobility
Warm up
5 TGU each side
5 Windmill each side for the ladies
5 Side presses each side for the guys (It's a guy thing)
50 warmup swings
!st Round
10 Cleans R
20 Alternate Swings
10Cleans L
20Alt. swings
Rest 2 Minutes
2nd Round
10 Clean and squat R
20Alt. swings
10 Clean and squat L
20 Alt. swings
Rest 2 minutes
3rd Round
10 Snatches R
20 Alt. Swings
10 Snatches L
20 Alt. Swings
Rest 2 Minutes
4th Round
10 one arm Rows R
20 Alt. swings
10 One arm Rows L
20 Alt. swings
Rest 2 Minutes
5th Round
10 One legged Deadlift R
20 Alt. Swing
10 One legged Deadlift L
20 Alt. Swing
Rest 2 minutes

Finish up with Abdominal Work Crazy 8's( 5 Exercises done one after the other without putting your legs down for 2 rounds.)

The workout will definitely work the heart and the lungs and challenge your technique especially at the end with the deadlifts.
Try it out!!

"Stay strong and train with a purpose always"!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Some Old Time Fun!!

I was feeling pretty good today so I thought I would add some Barbell work into my workout.
Here's how it went.

Joint mobility warm up.(Big Surprise)
Jump Rope Moderate pace 2 Minutes
50 Kb Swings 53lb
5 Rounds of single arm Long Cycle 5reps each side 53lb/KB (That's 25 Total a side with NO REST)
3 Sets of Barbell Squats 10 reps 95lb (1 minute rest between sets)
3 Sets of Kb cleans 10 Each side (1 Minute rest)
5 Sets of Barbell Bent over Rows 5 reps (30sec-1minute rest)
3 Sets of Snatches w/53lb KB 10 each side (30sec-1minute rest)
3 Sets of Barbell Bench pressing PTP style 95lb 10 reps (6/4 count 6sec down 4sec up)

Went on a light run for 1 mile.
The bench press probably sounded a little light but, considering the rest of the workout it wasn't!! Especially with the slow controlled movement with very strict form.

Try it out and drop me a line.
What have you done to change your workout today?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Workout/ Snatch Test

I worked out with the Class 6:15 - 07:00
We completed one of the "300" Workouts which consist of

Kettlebell 300 - #2
Strength / Endur

1st 100 …
1-Hand Swings 10 reps each side
½ Turkish Getup 5 reps each side
Pushups 10 reps
Military Press 5 reps each side
1-KB Rows 5 reps each side
1-KB Cleans 10 reps each side
Front Squats 5 reps each side
Pushups 10 reps

2nd 100 …
Snatches 10 reps each side
½ Turkish Getup 5 reps each side
See-saw press 5 reps each side
1-KB Rows 5 reps each side
DARC Swings 30 reps total
Lunges 5 reps each side
Pushups 10 reps

3rd 100 …
1-KB Rows 5 reps each side
Front Squats 20 reps
½ Turkish Getup 5 reps each side
Pushups 10 reps
The 50-thing: 10 swings +
10 cleans +
10 clean & jerks +
10 snatches + 10 swings 50 total

Rested for 30 minutes and Counted for Jay's Snatch Test:

Then Completed Snatch test w/ 28kg/62lb DD/ KB

Results: 34R 34L in 5 Minutes Note: Grip was the key factor along with some technique flaws that i need to work on. "Patience" as Valery would Say.